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Chat Bots And Port Communications

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Let us say you have a bot and I have a copy of that same bot. And, I want my one to connect to your one and transfer files or message each other like chat clients do. 

Q1. Which port should we communicate through and which Commands and Functions to use to do this communication ?


Q2. Which ports to use to send data and which ports to use to receive data ? And, which Commands and Functions to use to do this sending of data and receiving of data through specified ports ?


Q3. How to see what data is getting sent through our specified ports when we are sending data ?

And, how to see what data is getting received through our specified ports when we are receiving data ?


If none of these things are possible then maybe Seth should add these new Commands and Functions onto Ubot 6 ? WHat you say fellows ? They will become handy and a whole lot of opportunities would arise when we use these Commands and Functions as we'd be able to build lots of new types of bots simply from these Commands and Functions I am looking for. Do not you think ?


Ubot should have it's own protocol to send and receive data to/fro bot to bot built by Ubot. That way, we can build decentralised servers and even blockchains and DAPPs. Just think about it.

Let Seth think about it!

If you like my ideas then speakup so Seth can see!



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