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Which Ubot Protocol To Use To Connect One Bot To Another Direct (Peer To Peer Clienting) ?

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Returning here after about 2yrs. Before was here for 6yrs nearly everyday!


Which Commands and Functions to use to build a peer to peer client, like Napster, KazaA, etc. ?

In short, I want to build peer to peer clients.

So, whatever files I put inside my client (file host), you will be able to connect directly to my client (file host) with your client (file host) and download all my files or view them in your bot browser. 

Likewise, whatever files you put inside your client (file host), I will be able to connect directly to your client (file host) with my client (file host) and download all your files. And others can connect to your client too.

I want this connection to happen to each other direct and not through a medium (server) in the middle.

So, which Commands and Functions to look into ?

I haven't used Ubot for nearly 2.5yrs now. Downloading latest version. So not aware of all the updated features.




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From what I understand after reading your post, you could use the most simple FTP commands and combine them with SQL commands. Files would be stored directly in each of the users system but they need to know how to connect to each other - using a SQL command you could make them exchange current logins and passwords to access files with an use of online MySQL database and the FTP commands would allow them to transfer the files in a peer-to-peer fashion simply casue they got all the details and FTP function needs to connect to file server (which in this case would be other user).

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