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I am trying to do a http post to log into a site.

Below is what I got from live http headers


CSRFName=CSRF1103754532_791906178&CSRFToken=8687482b73766e6d88494351e4ee362f118d103d36d93e2855a79056449754f9f8ea5ebe9e96b4673bad22076774ec85d8c7d7f5b4c4cdd3bd577f2921ee7eab&page=login&action=login_post&email=info%40mydomain.com&password=password: undefined

I need to be able to extract the CSRFName

and the CSRFToken using regex and save it to a list.


The part I am stuck on is extracting the CSRFName and CSRFToken

in order to put those variables in the http post.


I tried using this (?<=CSRFName\=).(?=\&CSRFToken)


To get the CSRFName.

Not working.


If somebody could point me in the direction I would really appreciate it.


The site I am trying to log into is http://www.freeglobalclassifiedads.com/user/login


Thank you.


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You are very close, you need to put a * after the . because you want more than one (of anything), try this:

set(#input,"CSRFName=CSRF1103754532_791906178&CSRFToken=8687482b73766e6d88494351e4ee362f118d103d36d93e2855a79056449754f9f8ea5ebe9e96b4673bad22076774ec85d8c7d7f5b4c4cdd3bd577f2921ee7eab&page=login&action=login_post&email=info%40mydomain.com&password=password: undefined","Global")
set(#csrfName,$find regular expression(#input,"(?<=CSRFName\\=).*?(?=&)"),"Global")
set(#csrfToken,$find regular expression(#input,"(?<=CSRFToken\\=).*?(?=&)"),"Global")
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Thank you. Your addition worked. However, I had given you the wrong information to make the regex code from.

I got the info from the http headers but I really needed to get it from the html source code.


So the code that worked for one of the variables ended up being.

(?<=CSRFName\'\ value\=\').*(?=\'\ \/\>) 

Because I needed to take it from here:

<input type='hidden' name='CSRFName' value='CSRF1103754532_1655122622' />

Also, I sent you an email about your regex builder which I just bought.


I noticed that there was not a place for "target" as in the videos.


Is there another way I can define the target using the software?


Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!



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