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Organic traffic blaster
what's this ?
a bot that gives you organic visits to the keywords you want
it includes an option to find from a keyword, the suggestions of google!
this is what we call the longtail, place it on you or place your customers.
it also includes a proxy scrapper, but can also do with private proxies.
from the keyword, a list of referers will be built which will bring you visits too!
it will be made of the top 10 level natural search google but also the first 50 sites on google news!
If the proxy allows, the visit will take place and will last the time chosen by more or less long time range randomly, the number of clicks internally will be random also to appear natural in the eyes of google master
other options such as vimeo and youtube among others ... are disabled but present in the code, they will be updated later!


this way to bring you targeted traffic either on your chosen keywords or suggested by Google itself, or by the top 10 chosen by google itself, or by the top news still chosen by google, or social networks, of course like a lot to our friend google
code and exploitation right for forum members at only $ 120!
Customize it, make it yours and sell it freely :)



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Toi tu es français. Je l'ai deviné en lisant quelques lignes de ta description. We say long tail, not long train (mots-clés à longue traîne) :D

I'm on a big thing at this moment and it's growing insanely fast. I've got the dev edition to create simple bots for this starving community but it'll be too long for me to answer all the needs.  Et c'est pas demain que ça va s'éteindre ;)

I'm a marketer with 14 years experience in SEO, Adwords and FB ads and I would like to do a JV with you. Your site needs a lot of optimisation. You've got some gold nugget there, but you are doing some things wrong.

I don't want to sell you any service of mine. If you are interested, just shoot me a PM. 

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now visits with sources like google shopping (ads), and like social networks and strong site: facebook, instagram, viadeo, pinterest, twitter, wordpress, wikipedia ... (possibility of adding to infinity) and always top 50 google news, and google search!



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