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"save Page As" From Browser Menu

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I'm trying to save a list of web pages to my local drive.


I have a list of URL's and I want to:

1- load the URL list

2- select the next URL in the list

3- load a page in the browser

4- save the page to my local drive

5- goto 2


I don't see how to do #4

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save to file("{$special folder("Application")}\\WebPage.html",$document text)


or a sure fire solution

save browser image("{$special folder("Application")}\\mypic.jpeg")


The special folder is the folder where your bot is saved


though the first is not a screenshot,it can save a lot of storage space,but may not display exactly what the page displayed when you saved it as it runs some external scripts which will not run when downloaded,but most likely both will work fine

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