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[Sell] Twitter Bot With Exclusive Tools :follow, Fav, Rt, Unfollow, Dm, Schedule...)

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  • Add unlimited accounts
  • Follow targeted Users
  • Follow Active people (exclusive tool)
  • Retweet targeted tweets
  • Favorite targeted tweets
  • Create lists and add users to lists
  • Multi Follow with 5 accounts at the same time, followers from users.
  • Multi Unfollow with 5 accounts at the same time, only people who doesn't follow you back, or everyone.
  • Multi Retweet a tweet with all your accounts
  • DM poster to all your followers, with spin, with 1 picture (shuffel from folder you choose), with links, and with the name of your follower inside the DM
  • Schedule hundreds of tweets with pictures and spin text
  • Use proxies or not, HMA or not.



Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question. This will be our pleasure to help you.

We are not selling the .ubot source code

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Check your sales image..

Your ram specifications,  2Go   / 2GB?


Just figured id let you know, this might not matter here.. but on other forum/sites having errors like this will cause lack of sales.


Thanks for the advice, I'm french and we use to tell "Go", this is just the same thing than "GB" ;)

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