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The Worst Thing To Run Into On A Project... (Use A Stop Script!)

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2nd time I have done this just to check for something, not realizing I should of put a stop script command in there...




If you don't know what's going on here, I ran the node which would be an infinite loop since in the current browser, the element in fact $exists, so I basically can't do anything else, no saving, no modifying ... You get it though.



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You can add another condition or more.




set(#index, 0, "Global")
loop while($comparison(#first cond, "=", "true") AND $comparison(#second cond, "=", "true")) {
ui check box("first condition", #first cond)
ui check box("second condition", #second cond)
ui stat monitor("index: {#index}", "")
stop script
loop while("{$comparison(#first cond, "=", "true")}{$comparison(#second cond, "=", "true")}") {

or see attached file


works in ubot 4 for sure :)



example--loop while 2 conditions are true.ubot

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