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I Need Help With Some Logic Scraping

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Hi Ubotters


I need your help!


I am trying to scrape the results page which appears when you request a quotation from http://www.flexicover.co.uk


Now here is my problem, Some times policies Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum appear and other times only maybe Brionze & Gold


So what happens is this


Bronze could be data-quoteindex="1"> and another time Gold could be data-quoteindex="1">


I need a way of scraping the price and the package name e.g. Gold or Silver in a organised table


Any help would be much appreciated



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I would start with something like the code below.

I ran it on a couple of scenarios on http://www.flexicover.co.uk and it let's me know what the page has on it.


set(#BrowzeFound$scrape attribute(<innertext="Bronze">"innertext"), "Global")
set(#SilverFound$scrape attribute(<innertext="Silver">"innertext"), "Global")
set(#GoldFound$scrape attribute(<innertext="Gold">"innertext"), "Global")
set(#PlatinumFound$scrape attribute(<innertext="Platinum">"innertext"), "Global")


Then I would alter what I do:


IF this found THEN Do this

IF that found THEN Do that, etc...


You could have lots of IF statements or you could be clever and create code that is dynamic to what was found.

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