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[Free] UI Button Styles {Standard, Pro, and Dev Supported}

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(The changing of the colors is due to the mouse hovering over the button or clicking it)

Free UI Button Styles

I am giving away 5 free UI button styles in celebration of my sales thread!
These buttons will work for standard, professional, and developer editions of Ubot Studio!


If you would like to use the styles, just download the .CSS file that you are interested in, copy the code that is within the file, and add a "UI Stat Monitor" to your bot. Once you have the stat monitor, paste the code from the .CSS file that says "Label". After you have done that, your UI button will have a new style! If you would like to change the width, just change it from 95px to whatever you would like. :)

If you want fancier buttons for your bots, then click on my signature, and it will bring you to the sales page where I am selling 6 fancier styles for only $5!


If you need help, send me a PM, or add me on Skype: Ptrick.125


If you want me to make a new color scheme, just post in the thread, and I'll try to make it! :)

light to dark blue.csslight to dark orange.cssred to darkred.csswhite to black.cssyellow to orange.css

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