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Hello! Have I invested into a great product?

Guest Meathelix

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Guest Meathelix

Hello, everyone


Quick intro about me, I am 23 years old I work at one of the major Oil Rigs as a Systems Tech with 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I study Game Dev and architect design at uni, Been doing it for years 5 years in fact. I can also build graphic design websites.


So I am totally new here and to the online marketing but I have been thinking about trying it for years. And I came across ubot looks very promising and quite easy. Easy as in I do coding for gaming. 

But I would like to know what can I achieve with this program, can I sell items create bots that will bring me cash or have a bot that can make me money while I let it run, are the possibility's end less? I am trying to find a software where I can make money while away from my pc, I have purchased this software already and would like to make my money back with it, :)


I get 2 weeks off work every month and I want to start making some money in them two weeks. Well I think I have asked a lot here so I will let you guys read and follow


Thank you





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I like you have a background in game development (mainly php/mysql games) text turn based..


I had been building them for 12 years before picking up Ubot Studio in 2011

Since then its become prominent stable in my business, and has become the larger of the 2 revenue wise over the gaming sites i have and have profited from for years.


So to answer your question(s) yes.  it was a very wise investment.

Now comes the fun part.  Learning Ubot Studio, and applying what you learn for concepts of things you want to automate.


This can be anything really.

Advertising backlinks, articles, etc  


or could be bots for your games, or even spamming bots.


The sky is really the limit, and only restriction is the creativity of the mind..

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Guest Meathelix

You kinda answered your own questions...


The answer is yeah... kinda YES for all of them.  Makes sense?  :P

I usually do that, haha thanks for the reply's guys and I have been using Java coding for games, for 3d gaming with a engine called Unity. I cant wait to learn more about this program for I have so many creative things to make :)

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