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All confirmed bug reports should be submitted through tracker.ubotstudio.com


Please have the following information ready when presenting a bug at tracker.ubotstudio.com


– A brief summary of how you encountered the bug

– A short script that reproduces the error and isolates the bug.

– Any credentials, files, proxies needed to reproduce the error in the script


Please make sure of the following when opening an issue for a bug:


– You are using the latest version of UBot Studio.

– The script you submit replicates the error you are presenting

– The script does not have any script errors that will slow down the process of simply replicating the issue.


Once the issue is replicated and the bug is confirmed, the issue  will be updated to let you know the issue was successfully replicated and fixed.


IMPORTANT: Please check to see if your issue has already been reported before submitting an issue. Avoid duplicate submissions.


Your ticket will be updated with a time frame once a solution is found.

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