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Found 6 results

  1. I have 2 CSV files that I need to move from the Download folder to the Desktop daily. The files have random names that will change daily. I didn't see it in the http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Move_File documentation. Example: File 1 Vqyl6A20160823211456.csv File 2 IqSDM820160823211450.csv Cheers and all the best Ubot Community! Jason
  2. Hi all, just a quick question if maybe any of you have come across this. I am trying to do something with windows automation and trying to scrape from google maps (I need to use features which are not in the Lite version available in the internal browser), the problem is that as you search for something the name of the active window changes, and sometimes to something that you cannot predict. Is there any way to do a wildcard or something similar for the "set active window" command? I have tried several ways, but not found anything that will work. For example I am searching for a map of "aps
  3. Can we use a Wildcard in a conditional statement ? It was working before but i think it doesn't anymore. I'm trying to understand why lots of my bots aren't working anymore (scraping pages) ex: http://screencast.com/t/RvSsbTWZ Exemple: I want to click on the next page (link/button) if any. So it could look like this(you see this usually at the bottom of the pages) >>Next page Thanks
  4. What is the difference between these 3 options and when do you use them? Problem I'm having: need to scrape an attribute from a page for multiple accounts, but with the same script, how do you do this? If there's a log in error, need to scrape the domain name that is having the error and add it to a list to send to the user so they know there's been a log in error for that domain. When I do something simple like $scrape attribute(href"http://www.domain.com") the href area populates with the specific domain in the script that has the log in error. So, when another domain using the same scr
  5. Hello.. Lets suppose I have this $list or #variable: //www.domain.com/folder/anything1//www.domain.com/folder/anything2//www.domain.com/folder/anything3//www.domain.com/folder/anything4//www.domain.com/folder/anything5/something-different/something-elsehttp://nothing.com/regularI need to only scrape the links like //www.domain.com/folder/ and remove the other links. What would be the easiest way to achieve this? Thanks guys!
  6. I have a list of keywords and results. I want to delete everything in the second column from the word "results" onward. I can't seem to figure out how to select that portion of the strings since they are not always exactly the same. Is there some sort of wildcard I can do or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! For reference, here's a screencap of the table: http://i42.tinypic.com/10e36ma.jpg
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