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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to write inside input fields inside the admin area in shopify, with no results. With exBroswer inside the shopify admin area even trying millions of combination between "scroll to element" "move mouse" and click I just can't write inside the input fields. I can't find a way to activate it properly in order to be able write inside the input field and eventually write inside. I tried with type text, change elemnt value, etc... but nothing happens. Hopefully here someone have any ideas? Thank you!!!
  2. TURN EACH CONTACT FORM SUBMISSION INTO A VALUABLE SALES LEAD USING OUR SHOPIFY CONTACT FORM SUBMITTER SOFTWARE We are excited to bring you the industry's first Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software. With our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, you can contact tens of thousands of Shopify websites on auto-pilot. Say goodbye to the days when you had to submit Shopify contact forms manually! Simply enter your contact details, message and allow the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software to do its magic. During many months of testing our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, we hav
  3. WHY ARE SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEWS VITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS When a customer comes to your online Shopify store, the first thing they will look at is the number of reviews each product has. If your products do not have many reviews, this will send out a message that your Shopify store is not popular. This can turn down many users and leave your Shopify stores with few sales. GENERATE PRODUCT REVIEWS FOR YOUR SHOPIFY STORE ON AUTO PILOT WITH OUR REVOLUTIONARY SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEW GENERATOR SOFTWARE Every Shopify store owner knows exactly how difficult it is to get reviews for their produc
  4. I am looking for a ubot developer who can build me a bot that will... Configure new Shopify sites. I can provide a list of step by step instructions that will pretty much work with all of my fresh Shopify installs. I will need is the ability to paste in a list of keywords and have the bot take each one and add them to a navigation menu. So the stuff I will need to change every time I run the bot will be login info (username,password) and the list of keywords I mentioned. And finally, I will need the bot to have the ability to upload a file. If that part is too tricky, I can do that
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