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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, While compiling bots with the installer in developer edition is producing a huge file about 80MBs. Is there anything we can do to reduce the output file size??? It is very necessary for me to have less than 50MB files... Any help will be highly appreciated Thanks in advance. Zikria Akbar
  2. Why Ubot compiled file shows Trojan??? Why why why?? Also, how come I remove the ubot studio tag as well??? Anybody??? Zikria
  3. Dear Fellow UBotters, I am planning to automate a series of blogs. My idea contains the following. Scrapping one news from different news channels' websites. (up to 10) Shuffling the content and creating a brand new article. Creating a brand new seductive title for the post. Publishing the article with content and relevant images (3,4) also Inserting anchor text (3,4). I would love to listen to your ideas and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a good night from Milan Italy. Bests, ZIkria Akbar
  4. HI Guys, I bring a little challenge for all of you to Select and pressing Enter in Autofill LinkedIn Advance fields... Please find the attached. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Zikria https://www..linkedin.com/in/zakbar
  5. Good Morning From Italy, I am experiencing hanging/freezing issues on windows 10, BOTs are not running more than 15 minutes and then ends up in freezing not only the browser also interface of BOT is hanging/freezing. Anybody else is facing this issue or any remedy for this annoying issue... I have BOTS which needs to run 24x7. Any help Gurus? Saluti, Zikria
  6. Hi, anyone can help me how to extract url from address bar browser and save it to file? thank you
  7. Hello, I have a code like below ui text box("email",#email) ui text box("password",#password) ui button("Save") { } ui drop down("Select Account","account 1,account 2,account 2",#selectaccount) ui button("Delete") { } I want to type email and password in ui text box and when I click save ui button it will saved to database and when I type new one it will save again ass new line on my database. then it show on my dropdown menu and I can delete it from database. could anyone help me, thank you
  8. Hello, anyone can help me to solve how to make ubot visiting list from text file from number to number. If I have 100 list from one text file and I want to choose from number 5 to number 10 only I visit. ui open file("your file", #open) clear list(%urls) add list to list(%urls, $list from file(#open), "Delete", "Global") set list position(%urls, 0) loop($list total(%urls)) { navigate($next list item(%urls), "Wait") comment("your code goes here.") } thank you
  9. add list to list(%totalElements,$plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Scrape List Elements Attribute", "x://button[@title=\"More options\"]", ""),"Don\'t Delete","Global") alert($list total(%totalElements)) when I manually "run node" on the first line... it comes up with the correct %totalElements (32 total) but when I click "RUN" on the entire script... the alert comes up with 200+ %totalElements I also have tested the xpath and I come up with 32 totalElements as well on XPATH PRO BUILDER as well... it just mess up when I start the entire thing...
  10. I am attempting to create a bot using mailinator but I cannot click the confirm email in ubot . Is there away around this and does any have the code for clicking the link. I tried to scrape url and and navigate to but i could not figure out how to code it. thanks for any help
  11. I am new to ubot studio, have watched the tutorials, and have gone through the forums. I am running ubot pro. I have put together a script that posts an image onto facebook group pages. Everything works smooth until i get to the popup that asks to select the file. I tried using some scripting i found on forums for posting to facebook pages, but the naming of the fields must be different in groups from pages. Does anyone know hoe to complete this, or know the names of the elements on the popup that ask for filename and the open button? I know I'm a total noob here, but i have exhausted
  12. how do I say this in ubot: if A is <= 30000 BUT >20000 AND if B is <=20000 BUT > 15000 Then {do this} So far I've tried a large mixture of $both and $comparison
  13. I'm trying to search a table and find all instances of a string within a specific column and replace them with nothing. For instance: search Column 1 and replace all instances of the word "mile" with nothing, but keep everything else that is in the cell. How would I go about doing that? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hey all, I honestly know nothing about scripting or writing programs or anything and I need help. I'm trying to make/find someone to make a bot for me that changes it's IP address every time it votes and also a bot that votes a decent amount. I have about zero idea as to what I am doing, so any and all help would be appreciated! I don't know how hard of a project this is but it's more or less imperative that I win this contest... so please help me! Any way that you can is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. I am trying to create my first bot. I am looking to scrape google for keyword and store the results in a list. I saw the tutorials and this part works fine. I now want to click on one of the links - say for example the list item #7. It seems that I tried the click, I tried load html and I tried navigate commands with various permutations and combinations - but nothing worked. My code is as follows: clear cookies set referrer("http://www.google.de") set user agent("Chrome") navigate("http://www.google.com", "Wait") wait($rand(4, 10)) type text(<name="q">, "dog training", "Standar
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