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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Developers, Abbas today released a great new plugin NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Plugin.It was cool & it solves both New Google Image Tile Captcha,Text Captcha. where manually i have to all this job to solve the Google Recaptcha/NoCaptha Save the Image Reduce the Image Size Send it to Captcha Service Receive Response Add it to List Sort it out. But NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Does All This Job.Moreover Iam getting better success rate with DBC like never before. I want to say Thanks to Abbas for developing a Great Plugin,You Plugin Saves Tons of Coding Time. God Bless You
  2. From what I'm seeing, there's this new type of captcha http://i.imgur.com/FCYgM65.png What happens is, when you click a store front, it fades away, and then a new image takes it's place. The new image is random, and can be either a store front or a random place, you have to get rid of all the store fronts to verify. My question is has this always been around or is this their beta version of the captcha to come? It seems fairly hard to manipulate, it's either sending multiple images to a captcha service or hoping some very generous god out there comes up with a way to basically remotel
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