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Found 11 results

  1. Are you lost trying to figure out Ubot? Don't worry. I've spent hundreds of hours doing exactly that. Recently, I was contacted by a client to create a bot to register free domain names on Freenom.com, a domain service that offers .tk and .ml domains for free. Unfortunately for me, after I made the bot the client charged me back on PayPal. I want to get something out of it since it's already made, so I'm selling the source code! The source code uses Aymen's HTTP Post plugin to register dozens of domains in mere seconds! Included in the source code are examples
  2. I need some help to make the Http request for OAUTh2 + Open ID Connect I run the API request via Postman Chrome and trying to decompile http request by fiddler; having some difficulty with it. if anyone can give me advise?
  3. Do you know how could I set the Content-Type parameter to for instance application/json when sending GET requests with socket container/socket navigate, etc. commands? The problem is that the server I would like to communicate with, throws an error if Content-Type is not properly defined in the HTTP header. I could not see this option at socket set header command, but is there any workaround for this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  4. I have created a script to update a database's records and it has worked fine but now the number of records are getting so large it is taking a very long time to update. I need this script multi-threaded. It uses Aymen's http plugin and the json path parser by aymen. Total lines of code that need to be multi-threaded is 50 so it isn't a very large bot. I just need the define "Connect Amazon Reviews with Review Offers" multi-threaded as it includes the other one. The scheduler only kicks off the one define. I have a budget of $100 and the sooner the better. Here is the code without the s
  5. I want my bot to be able to submit forms. I also want to work out (automatically) whether or not the bot was successful (whether or not the form actually was submitted). Here is an example: http://fraserellis.co.uk/contact-us/ So I need a way to monitor whether the JavaScript submit happens or not. Could this be done by monitoring the HTTP POST requests sent by the UBOT browser? Could this be done by inserting JavaScript into the page like this onsubumit function? function hello() { alert("The form was submitted");} var formS = document.getElementsByTagName("form");var form = form
  6. I am looking for the code that will enable me to add an item to a Nike.com shopping cart using HTTP POST. Prices negotiable. Skype or email me: ned.hulton nehulton@hotmail.com
  7. I have no idea how to mulithread wtih Aymen's plugin! I've got $http post and $http get down, and it would help me a lot if I could multithread my bots. Does anyone know of any tutorial threads out there? I tried searching, but I didn't find any for Aymen's http plugin. If you don't have an idea, do you have a bot that you could share the layout of? Paste the code or something so the structure can be seen. Thank you If I learn, i'll do my best to share another tutorial
  8. All this for free?!?! WTF?? Plugins needed and yes they are free: side note: I want to give special thanks to the plugin developers for making this possible. Date and Time Manipulation- ubotdev.com Advanced Shell - ubotdev.com File Management- Aymen String Management- Aymen JSON Path - Aymen -------------------------------------------------- Paid - Optional Plugin HTTP Post - - Aymen What you can do... Change your system time to sync with the proxy time zone. You can also check proxy latency to see how long it takes for a ping to return to you also seeing if it is alive with out navig
  9. For a while, I had no idea how to use the HTTP post plugin on websites to signup, and especially on websites that had captchas. I sorted of learned it by testing different commands one at a time, and then I decided that I would try to put them all together to solve the problem I was having. The tutorial I have put together will show you how you can make a signup bot using the HTTP post plugin without the browser even doing a thing! This will cut down on your ram and bandwidth usage. You may need to change some of the regex algorithms, but the process stays the same. ui text box("Loops", #loo
  10. Hey all, I'm having an issue trying to scrape the upload ID from this site in order to be able to http Post instead of through the browser. I'm not sure if this is even possible, here is the code from firebug and I can see the upload id but when I do a GET I'm only seeing " http://img4.imageporter.com/cgi-bin/upload.cgi?upload_id= " when scraping the Xpath. (/html/body/center/div/div[3]/div[2]/form) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <form onsubmit="if(this.adult.value == '') { alert('Select file type'); return false; } return
  11. I see that a lot of you more experienced UBOT users are using SOCKS proxies instead of HTTP proxies. Obviously there are particular advantages of using Private SOCKS proxies over Private HTTP proxies with your bots. Can anyone elaborate on the benefits or why (outside of a wiki page definition?) Thanks
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