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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to have my bot log in to gmail, go to the spam folder search for a specific text within a specific number of pages. When it finds an email that matches it clicks it, choose display images, then clicks one of the images and from there chooses not spam, and continues to look through the emails from the last page it left off. I have all of this working minus clicking on the images. I have tried several things such as scraping the content of the email and using a regex expression to find image source, image link, .jpg, etc.. but nothing is working. When I try to click
  2. So i have this issue with Manta.com i am building something and the weirdest thing i cant seem to find HREF so i can visit link by link only way i found is looping trough offsets which is very sloppy,i would appreciate any help this is the URL http://www.manta.com/search?search_source=nav&pt=34.0396%2C-118.2661&search_location=Los+Angeles+CA&search=handyman&location=Near+Los+Angeles%2C+CA Image Is Attached to let you know what i am talking about!
  3. Hello sir, Plz help me, how can i take all href and save in text file Plz share any video or script For detail check Link http://screencast.com/t/HiOiooooo1
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