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Found 9 results

  1. I had a break with Ubot and now I am kinda stuck. I created a list from file, every item is in a new line, but ubot loads it as a one item ? What's wrong ? add item to list(%name,$list from file("C:\\Users\\name\\Desktop\\Folders\\BOT\\Tekst\\tekst ct1.txt"),"Don\'t Delete","Global")
  2. hi, I am using my php script that contains my PHP my admin database tables. when this PHP script is ran, it will download the MYSQL database table. When I use the 'Download file' and run the node for http for the PHP script it works fine and downloads instantly. However when I compile the bot to .exe, it isn't even running the script. Can someone help please? Thanks Code: download file("https://XXX.XXX/refresh.php","C:\\Users\\GOAT\\Desktop\test.csv")
  3. Hi Guys, I am trying to save a file from a pop-up window. The download link opens a new window and has the standard SAVE and CANCEL buttons. See attached. Button has no href or other tags to scrape. Code is <input type="submit" name="stms_exp_btn" value="Export Members" class="button-primary"> Any ideas?
  4. Some of the sites I am attempting to automate will automatically pop up a save file dialog. Since I am not interested in downloading the files is there a way to automatically cancel these?
  5. hey I was wondering if an upload file hasn't been chosen then can I have an alert reminding the user that they need to upload their file? What I have so far is that the "upload file" #variable is added to a %list. So if they don't upload the file then it shows in the debugger as 0 items, but when I did a "and if" "comparison" %list = 0 items then "alert", but that didn't work. Tried some other things too, yet no dice. Waddya figure?
  6. Can I take the data out of a file and turn them into variables. Example: lets say the it is a csv file with the following: grapes,oranges,apples can I extract those and turn them into 3 different variables such as : #grapes #oranges #apples ? Ya know what I mean?
  7. hope this helps. I wanted to save data to a file everytime i ran through a form. The only issue was save to file would over write everything in the file. So what i did was this. 1. save data to list > add item to list 2. open file, save the files data to a list. >add list to list ->list from file 3. merge the two lists >add list to list 4.save data to orignial file >save to file http://ocletsride.com/images/getthoPush.JPG done. I know there are many ways to get this done, but this was my simplest way of doing it.
  8. hey, i got stuck... again. i am trying to script some sort of blacklist. the bot should check a text file for the actual URL. if the URL is on the list, the bot should override this site and proceed with the next. for now, i put $url into %checkurl list and my blacklist.txt into %channelDB list. whatever command i use, the bot did not recognise the values at all. could someone give me a hint on this please?
  9. I am using HTML UI. I want to have the user be able to enter a list of proxies into a textbox, then allow the user to save the textbox and later load it. I'm just not sure how to do that. I'm assuming it can be saved as a list... and then reloaded as such. But... how to format it?
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