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  1. Hello Everyone, I recently finished a bot that works fine on my desktop & laptop (I have full ubot studio installed on each), but it will not get past the "Loading..." stage when running on my other laptop. I have ensured he has .net framework, google chrome browser and Windows 7 operating system and a strong connection to the internet. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, Got another tutorial for ya's This is using 2 free underrated plugins provided by ubotdev,com (btw thank youl) Command Line Arguments Advanced Shell Attached are 2 Ubot files one is for a service type bot that takes the parameters (service bot) and the other sends to the "service bot". You can compile the service bot and run the define command from the "head bot". Make sure you make the file path correct for your machine where you downloaded the files. (file path to service bot) For more info about the plugins go to ubotdev,com Enjoy! TC CMD-line-bot.ubot CMD-line-s
  3. Hi there, due to lack of time I am in search of a smart & experienced guy who can build me a bot to be used on Cam2Cam sites for promotion purposes. I pay good. Send me a pm or your answer here. I consider good offers (of course) Regards
  4. I am trying to get my Gmail account creator to select the dropdown menus( I am using the standard version of Ubot 5 ), everything I've tried so far doesn't work...
  5. I am working around ubot and trying to create a facebook group poster bot, but for the life of me I am bummed out of ideas on how to make my bot usable. would any of you ubot gurus shed some light on a newbie teenager like myself?
  6. So, I've had a craigslist posting bot that's been running for the past year or so without any problems, however, as of recently craigslist has made some changes and any post I make using the bot is automatically ghosted. I've even tried just a single command bot that changes the proxy and then posting manually through the bot window and that didn't work, so somehow craigslist knows that the window I'm using is a bot window. If I just use a regular browser window, IE, Chrome, Firefox, then I can post no problem. Any idea how craigslist knows that it's a bot window?
  7. I search a partner to make for me a twitter bot I would like to administrate my twitter account ... here you are option i want : - it can work with or without proxy - It can post rss title with his link - OR - it can scrap on a webpage the title between this tag : [TITLE]MY TITLE[/TITLE] and post this news on my twitter account with url between this tag http://www.mywebsite - The delay between each post will can be parameter in minutes for exemple between 2 and 30 minutes - It can auto follow back - It can auto retweet the tweets on severals profiles write on this files ' retweetpro
  8. I currently have a mass messenger that scrapes thousands of users from the m.roblox.com's group function and sends each one a personalized message. The thing about messaging is that you are very limited time wise, so I have to have different accounts going at once. If you can help me figure out the main site's problem, then I will give you my messaging bot and 12 accounts. TL;DR? www.roblox.com Seems to not work with uBot studio, but the www.m.roblox.com version works great!
  9. When you compile a bot and use a splash url. Is there a way to get rid of the file , edit , tools, and help drop down menu? That whole bar and just leave the run and stop option? complile bots options
  10. Hey all, I honestly know nothing about scripting or writing programs or anything and I need help. I'm trying to make/find someone to make a bot for me that changes it's IP address every time it votes and also a bot that votes a decent amount. I have about zero idea as to what I am doing, so any and all help would be appreciated! I don't know how hard of a project this is but it's more or less imperative that I win this contest... so please help me! Any way that you can is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. i need someone to build me a bot that I can input a list of urls. That will scrape data I need. It must use proxies. I have the software bought it months ago never had the time to learn and still dont. Please message me for more details.
  12. Hi all Looking to buy a Google organic search bot from experienced developers here on the forum. The bot is basically the same as the one made by Theodore Gaushas (LoWrIdErTJ - BotGuru) @ Botguru.net You can refer to the post in question here: http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11088-buy-organic-traffic-bot/?p=58483 and see the bots functions here: http://www.screencast.com/t/nvX3VqadOe Workflow: IP file: ip:port Filter file: If possible to be made not to click adsense adveretisments. Data file: with domain, and keywords Config file: For setting min and max wait times on
  13. Hi, I need a bot to make accounts from that page http://www.soundclick.com/newband.cfm I want random names I want 1st or 2nd option from drop down menu I want it to click signup when done And also a restart function. I wanna make like 1000 band per day or even more like 10000 I can pay $40 for that. If you interested, make sure to send me the bot to let me test it before buy it. You can send a demo or whatever, if i like it, i will pay, if i dont, i will delete it and not use it. Thanks & good luck!
  14. Hi. I want to buy youtube comment rater with a private proxies support and multi threads. I want to load accounts in this format: youtube login:youtube password:ip:port:proxy user:proxy password If your product will have this options I can pay up to 100 $
  15. I have for sale a bot I made called Sidetick Messenger Bot. The video below will show how it works and why you will want to buy it. Plus I have some great bonus for fast action takers. For the first 10 people to buy the Sidetick bot for $10 you will get both the sidetick bot, plus the million leads for free bot! The Sidetick bot alone is well worth more then a small $10 price but for the first 10 action takers you will get both! Want even more? Well I have you covered on that part too! For a small $30 you will get the Sidetick bot, the source code to it, plus the million leads for free
  16. Hi mates. I need a bot developer, who can make a bot for me, bot is about messaging on facebook pages. Simply I provide a list of pages, bot load the pages one by one and send me already written message to all. I will guide you all steps. Don't worry about any difficulty this is just simple. here is my skype: sajidsaleemsajid
  17. Hello people,i have a BIG problem, i have a bot { Youtube comment rater }, but witch this bot my comment not going in top Anyone who have good rater, please contact me on the skype: kosmin84 thanks in advanced.
  18. Okay so i've been working on a twitter account creation bot, and im thinking about buying some private proxies. how many do you use? or how many proxies do you suggest that i buy. I want to make a good number of accounts, like... upwards of 25k+. Anyones help or advice would be awesome! Thanks, josh
  19. Hey, im working with tagged right now. I need a autoresponder bot built. If your familiar with tagged.com and there messaging box, i just need something that will send a default message to every new user that messages me. Who here can help? Leave a reply please
  20. i'm looking for a cheap (or free) hushmail account creator
  21. Hey guys. I would appreciate some help. I have a list of emails and I want to send them 10 at the time How can I do that with the thread I tried many times but with no success
  22. I'm currently creating a bot that I'm looking to market on a membership basis. To check membership, I'm thinking about having a membership created with a wordpress plugin. Then, they enter the credentials into the bot - which get saved. Then, when the bot starts, it goes out, logs into the membership site with the credentials. If the account is good, it will go to a page that I can scrape a value from to verify the account is good. Does that sound do-able? Any easy way around that? This allows me to use WordPress and automatically membership billing to do all the heavy lifting, as fa
  23. Hey guys, Recently my little sister entered a modeling comp. I want to get a vote to going for her but i cant work out how to do it. I do have some experience with java eclipse(if that's even what you use) and i cant figure it out. If somebody could please make me a vote bot i would happily run it and would be so thankful. It needs to be able to bypass the recapitchas and proxy support would be good but is not nessescary. The website is: http://www.pumpkinpatch.com.au/comp/LoadCompDetail.aspx?compImageId=303 Thanks for all your help!
  24. Hello fellow botters! What bot do I make for SEO purposes? I have a dating site, a contract pilot site (yes i'm a corporate jet pilot), and my bot site. How can I mak a bot that will drive traffic to these sites? Any ideas?
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