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  1. Hello everyone, This is what I see whenever i'm running the ubot. unable to connect to license server the remote server returned an error (403) forbidden. Regards
  2. Hi Everyone, Is there anyway to automatically assign a value to all empty variables? Like assign abc if empty variables are found in a program. Regards
  3. Oh I have just found a solution myself *_* I have used the $replace function to replace the existing values with the other. Thanks everyone
  4. Hi Everyone, I've made a ui text block, assigned a variable to it and now what I want is to replace every variable type in that content to be automatically replaced with the assigned value of that variable for example; My name is {#var}. I just want a button to automatically replace it with the value and post on browser screen or save it as a file. Regards
  5. i guess there isnt any answer made for my question any help would be appreciated
  6. I'm trying to create a bot but that page is using iframes and javascript, so is there anyway to kill javascript and iframes on certain pages?
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