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  1. Long time customer. Believe me, we've been patient enough and this people still don't get it right. I ask my self if its really worth having the subscription that I've been paying for years. Instead of adding new bells and whistles things need to get FIXED FIRST. This is the reason many old customers have long gone.
  2. willywonka

    I've been here for some time. The problem is the lack of interest of the staf in listening to the real problems that ubot has had. To many new bells and whistles but a lack of fixing lots of bugs and issues. People just got tired and moved on with their lives.
  3. Hola amigo. Te sugiero que visites el area de tutoriales y aprendas primero los elementos básicos. Puedes usar google translate para traducir al español. Luego para ver los videos activas los subtitulos y los activas en español. Muchas de las cosas las puedes aprender con el proceso en los videos. http://www.ubotstudio.com/tutorials http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Main_Page Cualquier duda que tengas puedes preguntar en este mismo hilo y yo y alguno de los compañeros del foro te ayudamos en la medida que podamos.
  4. Hi Aymeny. I didn't get the update either.
  5. I believe ubot does have a function for this. Try this: set(#casing, $change text casing("hola como estas bien y tu", "Proper Case"), "Global")
  6. As the tittle says, the folder browser dialog function doesn't work on V5 but works on V4. I have made a video showing the problem. You can see it here: http://screencast.com/t/JJeQTWNx Any one else having this problem? BTW, this option is from Aymen's File Management plugin shared here: http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13237-free-file-management-plugin-multiple-commands-and-functions/
  7. There is a video where Matt Cutts Says that stacking more than 2 redirects are no good and that spiders probably wont even crawl beyond 5 stacks. It was posted on SEOMoz a while back, i'll try to find the video whe I have some time. Well I actually went and looked for the video: http://moz.com/blog/whiteboard-interview-googles-matt-cutts-on-redirects-trust-more Minute 9:50
  8. You have to use loop while and navigate to a page. If HMA is not connected it wil give you an error. You can loop until that error goes away and then continue working.
  9. Try this: http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13358-accented-letters-issue/ http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/8283-problem-with-n-and-especial-characters-loading-csv/&do=findComment&comment=42308
  10. The table you see that pops up in new window is done with a plugin sold by Tj. You can find it here. You could also try using the code posted here. It will help you update your ui html panel with your data.
  11. A work around could be using lists and regex to do the job.
  12. Thanks for the plugin. This is great for a bot I have. I was using RegEx to get the values. I guess it should be easier now with this plugin.
  13. When I try to compile v4 bots on v5 I get blank compiled bots.
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