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  1. thanks for update,friendly and fast support cheers
  2. hi Dan, Can we use http post plugin to translate language in google translate? thaks
  3. hi dan, I send email to dan(AD)bot-factory.com with title "HTTP Tutorial Request" Thanks
  4. Hello all, any methods (command) for ubot playing sound (sound can be ding! ping! and so on) after finished some task? thanks
  5. I have list to post comment with http post plugin. In the first post is not problem (comment succeed) but in the second post no comment submitted. I use spin for comment, email and so on i check in fidler there aksimet cookies so what the best way to clear? FYI i clear cookies and so on but problem not fix thanks Dan
  6. Hi dan, What the best methods to clear akismet cookies? Thanks
  7. it's probably hostgator turn off xmlrpc curl on their hosting server I found this problem not in hostgator only but fixed after I request enable xmlrpc curl to the hosting service. You may look at google "xmlrpc.php curl". try this: create new file in your public_html and given name what ever you want then access it. <?php// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALLphpinfo();?>
  8. hi dan, you have any video for demo xpath builder? thanks
  9. Hello, does anyone know what should I do if I run http get but getting error message "The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden." What happend and how to fixed it? thanks
  10. no link download in all folder me email
  11. Hi aymen how to download new update? thanks
  12. Anyone has problem when creating new category with "xmlrpc createcategory" (not working)?
  13. Hi Dan, Here is some sample that hope covered in the videos because I need this: Check available domain based on keyword Scraping images with http plugin Translating contain with http plugin so it's become more faster Scraping inbound and outbound link from some page Outbound link checker with http plugin Internal broken link checker Mass url shortener Whoise scraper posting in special CMS (I send you PM contain sample)Cheers
  14. hi Dan, any video for scraping anything with http post is included?
  15. Hello meter, what error like this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/ezh8ow.jpg http://oi62.tinypic.com/2r3wc5l.jpg Please help, Thanks
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