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In Topic: Save As Dialog Not Opening

15 June 2020 - 04:37 PM

I'm also trying to download a file via a paywall and having the same problem -I can't start a download file, run node works vs running the entire box doesn't. How did you solve it?


I'm trying to download an ebook via Overdrive: 




Obviously you need a library card and logged in to initiate the download/borrow.  I can download the .acsm URL directly - that works but the file doesn't open within Digital Editions. It adds something about my subscription when I click it through the online interface.


I mean we're taking about having Ubot MOVE THE MOUSE over the button and clicking it. Works in node mode, not when running.


Just the weirdest thing. I can get all the other buttons to click. (add to catalog, return book)