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Ultimate Ui - Create Beautiful Uis With Xaml, Datagrid, Metro & More!

Yesterday, 03:05 PM



Use code: ultimate  - 4 days only



Ultimate UI is a comprehensive UI Plugin for Ubot Studio. You must have the developer edition to use this plugin. There are more than 1,600 properties you can set and get on the main WPF controls. You can also set events, mess with the main window, datagrids, custom alerts and more. This plugin is pretty huge – even in 1.0, I actually forgot to show off some stuff in this demo and the demo doesn’t cover everything – it just shows you some things.
Note: For Metro the Controls is spelled with an uppercase “C” – sometimes in their documentation it is lowercase. You must change it for the control to work properly. Not all Metro controls and styles are supported but a lot is. If you want something specific check with me first to see if its in there.

Advanced Ubot - Take It To The Next Level

04 July 2019 - 02:03 PM

Advanced Ubot Course

Access to all videos immediately. Source codes provided. Modules are broken down so you can easily find what you need. The price will go up as more modules are added.


Start The Course Immediately

Coupon Code: Forum

Custom Commands & Functions


  • How To Multithread
  • Thread Safety
  • Thread Locking
  • Creating Reusable Helpers

Using Github For Source Control

  • Github Setup
  • Project Setup
  • Commits
  • Branches

Memory Management

  • Memory & Ubot Studio
  • Variables & Memory
  • How To Break Ubot
  • Ubot Is A Vessel

Using Javascript

  • Run Javascript
  • Eval
  • Why This Is So Powerful


  • Introduction
  • Selecting Nodes
  • Attributes
  • Offsets
  • Functions
  • Predicates


  • Database Setup
  • Retrieving Data
  • Writing Data

Start The Course Immediately

Coupon Code: Forum

Regex Genius - Build Regular Expressions In A New And Natural Way

20 April 2019 - 12:57 PM


Source code version requires a Developer Edition of Ubot Studio and the XAML Plugin.

Source code version comes with a video walkthrough of the code.

Regex Genius is a software designed to help you build regular expressions with ease.

Break down each regex into small chunks and tackle it bit by bit! Think of regex in a new (and natural) way by making decisions based on words and not complicated expressions.

  • Make small choices step-by-step that add up to a big regular expression
  • Minimal interface that doesn’t overcomplicate regex
  • Powerful “Breakdown” feature that allows you to get more specific with your regex
  • Minimal typing necessary, mostly click buttons and make decisions
  • Ability to go back on many screens if you don’t like the choice you made
  • Test individual pieces of regex so you know you’re on the right track
  • Made for Ubot Studio and includes regex patterns specific to Ubot
  • Where possible Regex Genius will limit your options or prompt you making it even easier to make the right choice
  • Getting stuck? No problem there’s a “Restart” button on every screen (after the start screen)




V 1.3

  • Added: Ability to create Before & After
  • Added: Copy button to copy final regex with Before & After

V 1.2

  • Fixed: Bug with duplicate lines in breakdown scene

V 1.1

  • Added: new theme (pic below)
  • Updated: control templates and added XAML keys for theming flexibility (source code version)




Create Your Own Ubot Plugins!

31 January 2019 - 01:52 PM



Website Crawler 3 - An Efficient Web Crawler For Ubot

04 December 2018 - 11:31 PM

Website Crawler 3 is a powerful application capable of crawling hundreds of thousands of pages looking for information.





V1 users – how to upgrade.


Case Study #1 Powering A Search Engine:





Case Study #2 Domain Hunting For SEO



Besides the search engine idea, you could rank the recipes and create a site of only the best recipes (like 4.5 stars or higher). You could create your own rating system based on the star rating, how many people made it, how many reviews etc. You could also rate the difficulty based on the number of ingredients and how long it takes to make. This would allow you to make a site with only the easiest recipes (and maybe the highest rated easy recipes).

This is source code. Once you purchase Website Crawler 3 it’s yours to modify, skin, sell – do whatever you want with it.

You should have the Pro or Dev version of Ubot Studio. You should also have the Heopas Plugin and File Management Plugin. Both are free. Links are included in the “Read Me First” file.

  • Capable of scraping 100k+ pages
  • Multithreaded
  • Extremely memory efficient
  • Powerful internal URL detection
  • Easy to modify to scrape whatever you want!
  • Ability to save huge amounts of results without Ubot memory spiking
  • Ability to crawl multiple sites back to back
  • Add in proxies (supports username:password proxies too!)
  • Whitelist filter (must contain) for URL, Title or Innertext
  • Blacklist filter (must not contain) for URL, Title, or Innertext
  • Ability to use both filters at once!
  • Scrape by regex, you don’t even have to modify the code to use this
  • Built-in regular expressions that you can modify for Emails, Phone Numbers, Files, Proxies
  • Ability to remove query if you want (that http://website.com/?this_is=the_query)
  • Powerful extension filter built in which filters pages that can cause problems, you can modify this right in the UI
  • Set a custom user agent if you want