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In Topic: Elite Ubot Plugin - Charts, Dialogs, Flow, File, Window Commands And More

Yesterday, 12:58 PM

Even if you just bought it for the chart functionality it'd be worth the price, plus switch commands and other flow options are powerful, and there's plenty that is unique. As he said, even if there is similar functionality in other plugins/core, Elite Ubot does it differently - - and, often better.

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Yep, charts are definitely the main unique feature. Ubot has charts but they don't have any real customization options and also they don't work in compiled so you can't really use them other than for yourself.

In Topic: [Sell] Exbrowser Now On Sale

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

Hello There Fellow Ubot members,


I would like to know what is the difference between new ubot studio's X version's external browser and ExBrowser ?




Ubots external browser you need to use the internal browser to build the script which could be a good thing or bad thing. It just depends on how you look at it. It's certainly easier but that means it will also have limitations. Ubots external browser currently does not have PhantomJS or proxy support either and it also currently pops open a cmd window that can't be closed or hidden. Also, you can't add plugins (or at least not right now) to the browsers.


ExBrowser is a fully featured and much better version all around. Not only can it do all the things that Ubots can't do but it can also do a lot more. Dan has been working on ExBrowser for years consistently and has fixed so many edge cases and other things that might crop up while using another browser. Ubot will have to run into those problems and catch up and Dan has a few year head start on them.


The main difference is that you are going to be working with the actual browsers when you use ExBrowser, so instead of building your app in Ubots internal browser you will be looking at elements and xpath in the browser you are working with (if Chrome or FF) and this will help you build a better app in my opinion. But also has a bit of a learning curve.


Overall Ubots is easier and if you want to just open up a page and do something quick then that is a good choice. But if you want something powerful and fully featured there is no comparison ExBrowser is a much better choice. And if you are distributing your app in any way via selling or email list or whatever then again ExBrowser is by far the winner imo.

In Topic: Apply Alt Tags To Images Any Scripts Out There

Yesterday, 12:42 PM

So it is naming and downloading them correctly right?

You just now want to apply metadata to the image?


If that's the case I took a quick peek and it looks like maybe this tool will do the job: https://www.sno.phy....~phil/exiftool/


It has command line options so you can call it using the shell command. if you look at the examples for the first one here: https://www.sno.phy....RITING-EXAMPLES


You could  do something like this:

clear table(&images)
create table from file("C:\\Users\\Andrew\\Desktop\\silverim.csv",&images)
create folder($special folder("Desktop"),"Silverstone Images")
set(#path,"{$special folder("Desktop")}/Silverstone Images/","Global")
loop($table total rows(&images)) {
    set(#saveImagePath,"{#path}{$table cell(&images,#row,0)}.jpg","Global")
    download file($table cell(&images,#row,1),#saveImagePath)
    shell("exiftool -Comment=\'This is a new comment\' {#saveImagePath}")

In Topic: Elite Ubot Plugin - Charts, Dialogs, Flow, File, Window Commands And More

Yesterday, 12:23 AM

hrm... most of the functions of this plugin already available on other plugins.


Your FTP functions is good but... 


My suggestion is that if you can add some unique and special functions from other plugins would be better =). I will consider buying it on the near future.


Such as making it easier to generate a scraper..issit possible to make a scraper in few clicks or even one click?   


This plugin has many unique features and yes some are in other plugins as well or even Ubot but they may work differently. For example you could use File Management Plugin to call "save file dialog" and save a file. But with Elite Ubot you can specify a filter for the files, an initial directory, and a window title. This is just one example and I'm not saying in every case ours is better. Just that I maybe did not like other implementations or in the case of the Task Commands I wanted something simple where you could easily set up a task. If you wanted a robust solution that does everything under the sun then Pash has a great plugin called Advanced Systems. But his plugin has a million options which is great if that is what you need but again my implementation is different.


But above all else this plugin was made to fill in the gaps that Ubot was missing or maybe doesn't do so well. For example we have a prompt and an alert just like Ubot only ours allows you to design the prompt window so you can make it look however you like. In the case of the alert ours allows you to set the icon, and window title. We also have an alert with timer and alert with result. These are just a few examples, any of the commands you see in here that are also in Ubot - ours probably gives you more options or does it in a different way.


As for your scraping question, that is tough to answer because it depends on what kind of scraper. I will have a website crawler v3 out soon which will make it easy to crawl websites looking for data. It wont be in one click but it will take care of the crawling engine and you can basically just tell it what to scrape in a few lines of code.

In Topic: Log Into Youtube Sub Channels?

14 November 2018 - 10:04 PM

Maybe something lke this:

clear list(%accounts)
add list to list(%accounts,$scrape attribute(<login link>,"fullhref"),"Delete","Global")
loop($subtract($list total(%accounts),1)) {
    click($element offset(<login link>,#offset),"Left Click","No")
    wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","")
    alert("do stuff")