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Any Value In Code Signing Compiled Ubots For Sale?

02 July 2015 - 09:21 AM

Hey Everyone,


I'm in the process of selling a compiled bot to the general consumer market and as I'm going over the last minute nuts and bolts I've come across the option of code signing my bots when they install. I read about the benefits here.


From Symantec:




Code signing does two things: it confirms who the author of the software is and proves that the code has not been altered or tampered with after it was signed. Both are extremely important for building trust from customers and safely distributing your software.


So here's two questions I'm hoping UBotters will consider weighing in on:


1) By digitally signing your compiled bots (the application itself and the installer) would that mean there would be LESS issues with Norton Anti-Virus and Windows 10 security for customers?

2) Is this overkill or does it really build that extra level of trust?


Curious what you all think.   :)





Setup.exe Not Working In Ubot 5.7.1

21 June 2015 - 06:52 PM

Has anyone else experienced issues with the UBot developer edition, Setup.exe function?


I am able to compile a bot in 5.7.1 but it will NOT compile the Setup.exe no matter what the file path. Curious if there is a work-around if UBot will not generate the Setup file for dev's who want to sell their bots to non-Ubot peeps. How can you sell bots that won't set-up on end user machines? Very frustrated. Any work-around advice is appreciated.



Ubot Browser Crashes Everytime With Tumblr

13 June 2015 - 08:03 PM



So I'm attempting to build a simple bot that logs into one Tumblr account. Second feature posts on that same single account's Tumblr page.




In attempting to do old school: Navigate to Tumblr login page: https://www.tumblr.com/login, fill in Username and Password, UBot Browser crashes every time. No Xpath or HTTP Post (but if there is a short-cut using those I'm not seeing it)


So I looked on the forum and one user suggested to another to sign up for Tumblr API. I did and looked at their code example:


"meta": {
"status": 200,
"msg": "OK"
"response": {
"blog": { ... },
"posts": [
"blog_name": "museumsandstuff",
"id": 4742980381,
"post_url": "http:\/\/museumsandstuff.tumblr.com\/post\/4742980381",
"type": "quote",
"date": "2011-04-19 08:52:34 GMT",
"timestamp": 1303203154,
"format": "html",
"reblog_key": "KLA85e6c",
"tags": [],
"note_count": 23,
"source_url": "http:\/\/museumtwo.blogspot.com\/2011\/04\/
"source_title": "museumtwo.blogspot.com",
"text": "Why do visitors still report discomfort, confusion,
elitism, exclusion?"
"source": "<a href=\"http:\/\/museumtwo.blogspot.com\/2011\/04\/
target=\"_blank\">Museum 2.0: Guest Post: The Convivial
Museum Photo Essay<\/a> (via <a href=\"http:\/\/

"total_posts": 9


So I get that the text string can be modified with my UI Variable content but I'm wondering:


1) Is this over kill for the two simple things I want to do and is there a work-around so Tumblr doesn't crash in attempting login-page if I do not go the API route?

2) If I go the API route, would I use Aymen's HTTP Post, Headers, send the user, name etc... or use the API key. (I've never attempted using UBot integrating with an API. I've got some ideas, but I'm in the dark and any advice or link to best way to go about this would be appreciated).



Question - The Art Of Excluding Data In Regex

04 June 2015 - 06:24 PM



So, I've figured out how to exclude a bunch of characters and junk I don't want in my output using $replace regular expression. The issue is that I'm replacing a lot of junk code with a ","  When I used replace it with nothing it mushed all the data together with no commas at all and that defeated my add to list. Now my data looks like this (sticking with the replace junk with comma idea):




Every time I run the bot it will have different data but the commas will always be the same.


So I am attempting to accomplishing two things:


1) Come up with a way to trim the extra commas out leaving only one comma after each word

2) Every time I run the bot it gives me the words "results, query, and search_types" over and over and I wish to remove them completely and leave all the other data.


So I'm wondering with the second item if there is a way or specific generic code in Regex that you can use that says basically "Hey, when you see this word, exclude it and move on. Do that every time you see this word in the results as it repeats."


I'm thinking this has to do with the Regex look-ahead command but at that point, I'm a noob to Regex and am stuck. I've used Rubular.com and Regexone.com and I still can't figure it out. :(


Any help here would be greatly appreciated


Thank you!