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How To Reduce Spaghetti Code

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 01:30 PM

This is just one of the ways you can help fight spaghetti code in Ubot. If you want to see some other ways as well let me know :)


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Posted 16 September 2018 - 08:16 AM

I've gone through all of your courses and this is one of the most valuable videos i've seen for learning to be a better programmer. These high-level notions are welcome and I wish you shared a few practical and realistic examples in addition to the ' X Y Z '. The community could easily provide such examples.

If you have more tips on theory for producing the cleanest and most elegant code that is instantly legible, please share!
A lot of us novices would seriously be interested. =)

As a test to add value to your video content, you might consider reverse engineering some programs/bots/tools (and Perhaps re-creating them). Reverse engineer is a top way to learn and this method will likely ad value to your current content.

In addition to learning to create CLEAN elegant code/flows, learning Advanced Validators and their Theory and Application and Nuances would be helpful. For example, Your 'check if blank' command you shared in your course has been extremely useful to me for validation of local variables.

Also was thinking you could get more customers to your courses if you put your video course on an affiliate site like clickbank and do a 'Custom Audience' Adwords Campaign based on your Buyers Email lists. Oh and also test targeting mainstream angles like' New Way/Best Way to Learn Programming in 2018" or a fear angle like, "Can't Program? Avoid Your Replacement By Learning It In 10 Days..." or something like that... I have tons of ideas on this token so if you need creative assistance for anything online-sales related let me know! It's what I do and since you help in here it's fair.


Imagine if uBot was whitelabled and branded as a "Programming Gateway" Simply, "The New Way to Learn to Program in 7 Days!" (Or something like that) and have a sales video with 'ol Grandma performing the drag and drops to prove how anyone can learn programming. And use certain angles to move people to buy such as, 'you're illiterate if you can't program in 2018. So Learn it in 3 Days So That You Keep Your Job' 

I believe this mainstream appeal approach could work with both uBot and the Learning Courses and the benefit is obviously max customers goes from like 50K global bot builders to 700M non-programming computer users. If someone is using a computer and doesn't understand basic prog concepts then i'd consider them illiterate in this day and age, wouldn't you?  What do you guys think about the mainstream approach?

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