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[Free] Basic Proxy Checker

free proxy proxy checker

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 10:00 AM

Lately I've been working a lot with scraped and free proxies and have gotten annoyed by some of them working with UBot and some not - despite other proxy checkers saying they are good.

Here's a simple script that will test a list of proxies(chosen by you) and will save the successful ones to the desktop under "successful proxies.txt".

This has a good amount of idle while checking, this is because my UBot has a mind of its own at times and needs to catch up - so you can lower the wait times if you'd like. 

ui stat monitor("<span style=\"font-size:30px;\">Proxy Checker</span>", "")
ui open file("Proxy List to Check", #proxyFile)
ui stat monitor("Proxy Being Checked:", "<b>{#currentProxy}</b>")
ui stat monitor("Status:", #proxyStatus)
set(#counter, 0, "Global")
ui stat monitor("Position:", "{#counter} / {$list total(%Accounts)}")
ui stat monitor("Valid Proxies:", "<span style=\"color:green;\">{$list total(%success)}</span>")
ui stat monitor("Bad Proxies:", "<span style=\"color:red;\">{$list total(%failed)}</span>")
set(#Postition, 0, "Global")
add list to list(%Accounts, $list from file(#proxyFile), "Delete", "Global")
loop($list total(%Accounts)) {
    set(#Postition, $list item(%Accounts, $list position(%Accounts)), "Global")
    set(#proxyStatus, $nothing, "Global")
    set(#proxyStatus, "Clearing Cookies", "Global")
    clear cookies
    set(#proxyStatus, "Changing Proxy", "Global")
    set(#currentProxy, $list item(%Accounts, $list position(%Accounts)), "Global")
    change proxy($list item(%Accounts, $list position(%Accounts)))
    set(#proxyStatus, "Proxy Changed", "Global")
    set(#proxyStatus, "Navigating", "Global")
    navigate("http://www.lagado.com/proxy-test", "Wait")
    wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "")
    set(#scrape, $scrape attribute($element offset(<tagname="h1">, 0), "innertext"), "Global")
    if(#scrape != "Proxy Test") {
        then {
            set(#proxyStatus, "<span style=\"color:red;font-weight:900;\">FAILED</span>", "Global")
            add item to list(%failed, $next list item(%Accounts), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
        else {
            set(#proxyStatus, "<span style=\"color:green;font-weight:900;\">SUCCESS</span>", "Global")
            add item to list(%success, $next list item(%Accounts), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
            append to file("{$special folder("Desktop")}\\success_proxies.txt", "{#Postition}{$new line}", "End")
    set(#proxyStatus, "Restarting", "Global")
set(#currentProxy, "", "Global")
set(#proxyStatus, "<span style=\"color:blue\">Finished</span>", "Global")

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