I woke up yesterday to the news that a cracked version of UBot Studio was doing rounds on various forums. So obviously, I went around to check those threads and see what the whole deal was. Sure as hell, there was one cracked version doing rounds and there was one common theme to all —

This software doesn’t work. It is crap. When I try to compile or use captcha, it crashes or fails to do anything.

Yeah sherlock, the reason why it is not working is because a large part of our software interaction with our Server and that requires proper license verification. It works flawlessly for over 200 current customers.

UBot Studio requires server side interaction for compiling the bots and a few other important aspects required to make the software work perfectly — if the proper license was in place, you would not be having all these issues.

Eight people bought a license yesterday directly because of the nulled version threads and surprisingly the software started working flawlessly. Few of them even mentioned that in the warez threads and our sales increased further.

Plus anyway, having a proper license will give you access to technical support, upcoming UBot Underground, 4-5 updates a week and proper bug-free experience (as then it can properly interact with our servers).

Anyway, as far as we are concerned the cracked version can’t work at third of its strength — it can be treated as a lite version to play around with. Just that it is full of bugs and can’t do what a proper version can.

We have decided not to be dicks in these threads. We are not a big corporation like Microsoft but rather a small software company — 4 people right now in US, UK, Sweden and India. We work at fixing bugs, adding new features, providing customer support and managing daily business operations.

We need to focus on what matters more than fighting piracy of a software which doesn’t even have our most powerful features. While we do have a system in place to turn the lid on the pirated version and track the IPs of those using it but right now we have bigger priorities than coding the control system for that.

People who need to make some real use of the most powerful features of UBot Studio will need a license that properly interacts with our server. If you are a business, you can take this purchase as a tax write-off.

We work make software that makes our customers money. Maybe we deserve to be supported by buying a license so that we can continue to make UBot Studio even more awesome.

So, Why Should You Buy UBot Studio?

– A Bug-Free, Fully Functional Software. A properly licensed version of UBot Studio does not have any of the bugs or errors which people are facing in the nulled version. Plus, we are extremely proactive at fixing any issues that arise in our legal version.

– Full Access to UBot Studio Updates. We have just released UBot Studio 3.1 with more kick-ass features. We also keep releasing Bug Fixes and Enhancements regularly. With a proper license, you will always have access to these updates.

– No Viruses, Trojans or Keyloggers. Cracked versions usually have viruses or trojans in them. Can you trust your business or financial information to a hacker? Legal license has absolutely no viruses or trojans or any other malware in it.

– UBot Underground. We are working on releasing UBot Underground in Beta within a week or so. This will make your UBot Studio experience a lot more powerful and give you access to resources / pre-made bots which you will not have without a proper license.

– Warm Fuzzy Feeling. Of supporting the people who create software that helps you make money and grow your business to an unprecedented levels by automating the routine tasks / daily operations.

– Technical Support. We are provide support on forums and via email. You have to be properly licensed to ask for support. We have a lot of priorities, and helping the pirates is certainly not one of them. And trust me, due to the nature of software, you will need support or have to get the bug-fixes regularly.

Read more about UBot Studio at http://www.ubotstudio.com — or contact us.

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