Have you ever felt frustrated when you had that amazing idea but couldn’t execute it because you didn’t have the programming skills to do it and hiring someone to do it was too expensive?

How about when you spent a lifetime waiting for the new version of a software only to find out that the features you requested are not there? Or maybe you felt pissed off at the programmer who took an eternity to fix the broken software while your business suffered?

We know how you feel. After all, we have been there and done that so many times ourselves. And that’s one of the reason why UBot Studio exists – to make it easy to create powerful software bots without any programming skills.

Thanks to the bot-sharing features of UBot Studio, our members have shared some extremely powerful bots including Twitter Bot, Search Keyword List Builder, EzineArticles to WordPress Poster, Google AdWords Data Mining Bot and more.

Once you have your copy of UBot Studio, you can download the above bots and edit them to customize them to your own requirements. Not only this, but you will be able to create a bot to automate virtually anything you can think.

That’s Right! UBot Studio lets you Turn Your Ideas into Highly-Efficient Software Bots, Without Having any Programming Skills.

Let me give you some more “Hot Ideas” for software bots that you can easily create with your copy of UBot Studio with its “Point and Click” Interface –

Hot Idea #1: SEO Research & Analysis Bot

What if you could create a bot that lets you analyze any niche and produces the results as a nicely formatted spreadsheet for you to analyze them? With a single click, your bot will be able to search Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other search engine for top results for your keywords.

Not only can you create lists of site ranking for your keywords but you can also make your SEO analysis bot research those links by their page rank, cache date, estimated traffic, age of the site, number of incoming links or any other factors that you would want to consider.

Now, what if you could make this bot take each of those results and make a list of the sites linking to those results? Yes, with one click you can get a list of all the sites that you can target to get links from and dominate the Search Engines.

Just imagine how productive you could get with this kind of tool!

What this software can do with a single click will take you tens of hours to do manually and hundreds of dollars to outsource. With UBot, creating such software is extremely easy and absolutely free.

Hot Idea #2: Domains Research Bot

Tired of spending hours and hours to research and analyze domains for your project or as a potential investment? With UBot Studio you can create a bot to automate all you domain research, and save the results as a spreadsheet.

Make your bot go through long drop-lists, keyword lists, auction listings and for-sale listings; analyze the domains for important numbers and give you a final spreadsheet so that you can easily decide what is worth it.

Or how about creating a bot that finds all possible combinations of domains from a set of keywords, and checks if they are available — all automatically!

Oh wait, what if you could make a bot find all domains in a particular niche; and, if they are already registered, query the whois to find the contact information of the owners of those domains and save in a spreadsheet. See the Potential?

Hot Idea #3: Market Research Bot

What if you could create a bot that lets you analyze your market and perform a complete analysis for your niche with just a single click?

With UBot, you can create a software bot, tailored for your exact needs, to research and analyze everything about your competitors and your market.

Hot Idea #4: Link Building Bot

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on directory submissions, squidoo lenses, social bookmarking and a bazillion other different ways to build links. Create a software bot that lets you automate all this with a single click.

Hot idea #5: Article Posting Bot

It is no secret that article marketing is an extremely effective way to promote your products or services, however, submitting your articles to hundreds of directories is extremely time consuming and tiring. The good news is that with UBot you can automate that easily and focus on profits.

Hot Idea #6: Blog Comments Posting Bot

What if you could automate the task of finding blog posts and articles relevant to your target niche and posting comments on them? Yes, I am talking about an easy way to build links, get traffic and increase profits. Check this Tutorial.

Hot idea #7: Craigslist Posting Bot

Craigslist is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to local audiences using classifieds advertising. However, because of the sheer number of their local and regional sites, it is a nightmare to manually visit each of them and post your ads. How about making a bot with UBot Studio do it? Yes!

Hot Idea #8: Content Scraper Bot

Ever wanted to do content scraping but regular expressions were too complex for you? With UBot, you can use its “point and click” interface to make a bot to scrape content from whatever source you want.

Wait, you can make it even more powerful – let that bot format the scraped content and post to your website. No Programming Skills Required!

Hot idea #9: Forum Posting Bot

Tired of spending hours posting threads on hundreds of forums? How about creating a bot with UBot that lets you automate forum posting? Just give it a list of forums and content to post – click and you are ready to rock ‘n roll.

Hot Idea #10: Social Networking Bot

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are an extremely efficient way to build your online brand, interact with customers and promote your business. However, they are an extremely time consuming affair.

With UBot Studio, you can easily create a software bot to do it all on auto-pilot and focus on making money!

Can you see the power and potential of UBot Software? All you have to do is to think of a routine task that you want to automate and UBot can most probably create a software bot to run it on autopilot.

There is software on the market which lets you automate the task of submitting your link to pligg-powered social bookmarking sites and it costs $189. There is another craigslist bot which costs around $150.

You can end up paying thousands of dollars to have bots that do everything that I mentioned above. You can make them yourself for Free with UBot Studio!

A Lifetime Valid License for UBot costs just $245 — over 3 years, that translates into less than 23 cents a day. Yes, that means you will have an unfair advantage over others who don’t have the bots that UBot lets you easily create.

And don’t even get me started on outsourcing. It is lor more expensive and a lot less efficient than using a bot for the same. Use software bots to save money and increase your overall efficiency.

Do remember that the above list demonstrates a small portion what is possible to be done with the UBot software. With the available tutorials and other resources, it is very easy to create these bots and a lot more.

Read More about UBot Studio at UBotStudio.com.

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