I want to sell my products. How does the Store commission work?

Vendors currently receive 100% of sales in the store, unless there is a joint venture and you agree to other terms. (If a Paypal or other payment gateway fee is deducted from the total, we will automatically deduct this from the commission.) Payments for your sales are currently sent about two weeks after the sale. If you offer a refund period, we may wait until the refund period has passed to pay commissions.

I’d like to sell my products through my own site. Can I do that?

Sure! We do require that you have an affiliate system and that we are set up on it. For more information, see here.

What happens if a customer asks for a refund / what happens if I ask for a refund?

All refunds are processed by the vendors of the items sold. The vendor can choose to issue a refund at their discretion.

How much information do I see from a customer purchase / how much information am I sharing with the vendor?

Vendors receive no payment information (credit card, etc) for the buyer, but do receive email and billing address information for their records.

This is the basic email info that goes out to vendors after a purchase:

UBot Network Store Vendor Tutorial


What payment methods are available?

Currently Paypal and all major credit cards. If other payment methods are requested (Bitcoin etc) we will work to add them.


Do you handle updates or security?

We only handle the sale transaction. You will receive customer information that you can use to create updates or license information if necessary.