Before you dive into things, there are a couple concepts that are important to understand. UBot Studio goes the distance to make bot building as smooth of a process as possible. That said, bot building is still a process. Bot building is a science, a discipline. The rewards are vast. You’ll  train your bots to save you time, get more done, and make you money. Those rewards flow freely to those who are patient, who always continue learning, and who keep trying when the going gets tough.

When approaching a new skill, there are two types of people – those who dive right in, and those who like to go through all the tutorials first. Both methods have their pros and cons. UBot Studio is designed to make it easy to dive right in, but learning the intricacies will definitely save headaches in the future.

Whichever path you choose, just remember that you’ll need time, and patience. Some sites will be easy to create bots for within minutes. Others might have you banging your head on the desk wondering how to press a simple button. Many sites are coded in a way that purposefully makes it difficult to create bots. UBot Studio takes care to make it so even these sites can be automated, but it might take a little finesse.

An important principle of UBot Studio is that if one method doesn’t work, another method will. Maybe a site dynamically changes the name of a button. No problem, find it by its position. Maybe the position is randomized as well. No problem, find it by its image. If a human can complete a task on any given website, a uBot probably can too.
The important thing to remember is that your efforts are well worth it. UBot Studio has been refined over the years to give you every tool you need to overcome any problem you might face. And every time you complete a uBot in UBot Studio, you’ll get one step closer to automatically milking your fully automated cash cow.