Welcome back to our exploration of Coinbase commands in UBot Studio. In this tutorial, we will walk through the process of sending crypto from Coinbase to another wallet.

  1. Before we get started, let’s check how much crypto (in this case, Bitcoin) is currently in our Coinbase account. To do this, we will use the $get coinbase balance function and specify BTC as the currency.
  2. Next, we will drag over the send crypto from coinbase command. In the prompts that appear, we will enter the amount of crypto we want to send, the specific currency, and the address of the wallet where we want to receive the crypto.
  3. In this example, we are using Exodus wallet to receive the crypto, so we will enter the address provided by Exodus. We will also store the transaction info in a global variable for future reference.
  4. After the transaction is complete, we can check our updated balance to see the results. In this case, our balance has decreased by the amount of crypto we sent.
  5. As a final step, we can use an alert command to confirm that the transaction was successful and the crypto was sent to the desired wallet.

Sending crypto from Coinbase to another wallet is a simple process with UBot Studio. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Here’s the code for the first script (note that you can copy and paste this directly into the UBot Studio script window):

send crypto from coinbase(0.0001,"BTC","YOURWALLETADDRESS",#txinfo)
wait for crypto hash($object entity(#txinfo,"id"))

And here’s the code for the second script:

define wait for crypto hash(#tx id) {
    set(#tx data,$get coinbase transaction(#tx id),"Local")
    loop while($crypto hash doesnt exist()) {
        set(#tx data,$get coinbase transaction(#tx id),"Local")
define $crypto hash doesnt exist {
    if($comparison($object entity(#tx data,"details.crypto_transaction_hash"),"= Equals","")) {
        then {
        else {

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