When I asked some of you whether or not you used UBot Studio to scrape websites, of course the answer was “that’s the main point, isn’t it?”Scraping represents half of what people need to automate. Because in really simple terms, there are only two ways to interact with the web browser: You can put data into it, or you can pull data from it. 

Scraping is often overlooked, but just take a second to imagine the amazing things it lets you do. Instead of searching for information, your script goes out and finds it for you. It will do it faster and more accurately than any human, and it will never get tired. It will come back with a list of all the keywords, prices, contact info, headlines, URLs, posts, and whatever other data you might need, and it will have them sorted and arranged and laid out for you like a pile of $1 bills.

So in UBot Studio 5, we’re adding some powerful new features to make scraping easier and quicker for everyone. 

We’ve used artificial intelligence to make scraping as easy as filling out forms. Just right click the element you want and instantly UBot Studio will create a command to find all the similar elements and put the results into a list. You’ll also be able to scrape individual element attributes and send the results to a variable with the click of a button. Stacked elements won’t be a problem, either, because you’ll be able to easily scrape up the chain of parents, so that for example, if there’s a link and the link has a span inside of it, you can scrape either the span element, or the link element.

The reasons to scrape pages are as wide-ranging as there ways to do business online, but the simplest idea?

The right information in the right hands is valuable, but the internet has nearly limitless information. These new changes make finding the right information even easier. So find the “money data” and build a way to scrape it with UBot Studio. Do that, and you’ve basically built yourself an ATM.


– Seth

Published by Seth Turin


  1. Great, this will come in handy, there are some pesky websites i want to scrape some information from, and this will make my job a bit easier :3

  2. this is very important feature. I don’t know why nobody else commented. This saves huge time. Having AI thinking logic for you and giving you code. That means this is something like drag drop app builder. Very powerful. I hope to see further development on this and updates.

    Seth when you going to launch it. We are waiting.



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