UBot Studio 5 was a big leap forward in many ways. We added a lot of important features, like a ui editor, some new commands, and importantly, UBot Secure. UBot Secure was an enormous undertaking, and it’s implementation meant making calculated sacrifices – namely in stability and maintainability.

UBot Secure, has helped a few people protect their bots. But after much soul searching, I ultimately decided that the trade off wasn’t worth it. UBotters need stability and new features, and that’s what I want to deliver. Effective as of UBot Studio 5.5, we will no longer be supporting UBot Secure. Bots developed with UBot Secure will continue to work securely, and current versions of UBot will still be able to use UBot Secure. Just be aware that UBot Studio 5.5 you will no longer be able to compile new bots with UBot Secure.

So does that mean that your bots will lack security? Well, no. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as unhackable security – if there was, everyone would use it. Security is about giving hackers as big of a headache as you can. UBot Secure did this pretty well. In it’s absence, I can recommend an alternative developed by one of our very own UBotters. It’s called UBot Locker. Its creator has been part of the UBot community for years, and has expert experience with security. He’s trusted by our community and by our team.

And what does all this mean for UBot Studio? To those of you who have been around a while, imagine the stability of UBot Studio 4 with all the functionality of UBot Studio 5. If you’re newer, just rest assured that this will be the most powerful, most solid, most efficient UBot Studio ever.

This is the most important change, but I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve as well. Stay tuned, and all will be revealed shortly…

Published by Seth Turin


  1. So the only 5.5 change is that you’re taking out Ubot secure?


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