For new Sample scripts have been added to the knowledgebase.
They demonstrate the following things:

-How to find and save information on Google maps
-How to create conditionals with the UI Checkbox
-How to set variables
-How to use search page
-How to stop a script
and many more!

Just visit
Got to the knowledge-base and the new sample scripts will be under the downloads category!

Happy Botting!

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  1. Well it is some what interesting the thing you can do on the internet.
    From what i read on this blog I would say 8 out of 10 or may be 10 out 10.
    It has me at a question and that can you design your own software that able to interact with other software?
    or one ubot software interacting with another??

    If yes then it is a 10 for sure but either way look like a great buy

    • Keep in mind that the main purpose of UBot Studio is to automate the web. We are slowly moving toward making it easier to interact with other software with your compiled bot or even just in the UBot script (we have a few commands that are getting closer to that like the shell command, the mouse commands, etc) but for now the main purpose of UBot Studio is to automate the web. The wonderful thing is that we are always transforming and growing developmentally, so those capabilities will expand in the future.

  2. From you say here combined with what I have read on your site. uBotStudio is extremely powerful and capable of automating both simple and complex internet routines. Or basically anything that can be done through a browser.

    Your suggestion that you are building methods for interaction with third party software is particularly exciting. If I might suggest the creation of a way to automate aspects of ‘SB’ it would undoubtedly open up a huge market. It does not need to be a complex interaction either. If you were to build in a self contained ‘Remote-Monitor’ of the kind readily available to systems support techies who software support remote users, you could effectively operate any software resident on the local pc through that self contained remote browser and subsequently build routines accordingly. In fact I wonder if you couldn’t perhaps already perform a ‘test-trick’ is you hook up a couple of pc’s on a network then initate a remote browser and run uBotStudio on top of it. Should be possible, but then I’m only guessing at the moment. Perhaps you guys should try and hook it up.


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