While doing my daily rounds of forums, I saw a pretty good post by Lawlerskates in the same BHW thread where Gogetta and Sonneti posted.

I just purchased the UBot with a very ambitious idea that would either not be possible without the program, or would be possible but only with extensive coding knowledge.

To be honest I didn’t really think I was going to keep the program, I was just going to see if it was any good, and if not, I was going to get my money back.

I have minimal coding knowledge, I’m just good with computers. So I booted up the program and was a little confused at first. Two hours later, it already seems like there’s nothing I can’t do with this bot.

Once you have used it for a few hours (like I have), the possibilities with it are pretty much endless. I’m nearly done with the bot I had in mind when buying the program.

If you’re considering buying any bots, tool, etc. from this forum, consider buying this program first and making it yourself.

Some guy in the Buy/Sell forum is selling some Youtube bot for some package that is what, $90? It would take me 2 hours MAX to make such a bot, and I’d be able to support myself if there were any problems or if there were any more features I wanted with the bot.

Furthermore, this tool is much better than iMacros and WinAutomation (which I had first originally tried to make my bot with). To make the bot I was planning with those, it’d have taken me weeks to finish the bot, and it wouldn’t have nearly as much functionality.

On top of all this, the bot is self-contained. You can make a bot that runs 24/7 in the background, while you’re playing Counter-Strike or listening to music. Great job on the program.

PS: And I’m not an affiliate. I don’t want to be one either. With a good idea and this program, I will be making more money than any affiliate can muster up.

Thanks a lot for your kind words Lawlerskates and we are glad that you are satisfied with UBot Studio. We are always open to ideas and suggestions to make it even better – keep ’em coming!

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