We hope you’re enjoying the latest updates to UBot Studio. If you haven’t had a chance to check out 5.0, now is a great time. Aside from all of the incredible features we added in October, we’ve just released 5.0.11 today and are excited for everyone to try it.

We’ve also been reading through lots of feedback in support, the UBot Underground, and your emails. Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and letting us know what you are doing with the new version, and how we can work to keep making UBot Studio the best product it can be.

I wanted to personally tell you some other exciting news. We’ve recently added Jessica Nowell to the UBot Studio team. Jessica is a marketing and sales expert who will be concentrating on customer relations and business development. As we expand, we want to show more businesses and individuals how automation and UBot Studio can improve their day-to-day operations, and she’ll be a great asset in this.

Picture of Jessica Nowell, Corporate Sales, UBot Studio

Meet Jessica Nowell

We are also looking to add a developer to the team. We’ll miss Eddie, but we’re all looking forward to the next chapter for UBot Studio. As our community has grown over the years, so too have the technology requirements and quality standards increased since we hired Eddie 3 years ago. We are taking our time to make sure we have the right fit.

UBot Studio is a big project, and it takes a special person to work on it. We have several tests planned to make sure we find the right match: They’ll start by reciting the names of all the .dll libraries we use, backwards. Then they’ll have to find and fix a bug in UBot Studio. Lastly, they’ll walk across coals to reach a computer where they will have to code and compile a UBot Studio script in under 3 minutes.

I’m kidding (mostly). We do have very high standards and we know you do too, and it may take a while to find exactly the right person. In the interim, I have personally stepped up as developer, and you will continue to see new updates regularly.

If you have any questions about updates, make sure to visit our roadmap at tracker.ubotstudio.com. And for any further questions, please visit us at support.ubotstudio.com.




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  1. Guys how can I contact Jessica on business development, please?


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