Plant seeds in liquidity farms, and watch your wealth grow like a flourishing garden, ripe for the harvest of your dreams.

In this post, we’ll take you step-by-step through the creation of a powerful bot that can help you swap tokens, add liquidity to a pool, and deposit to a farm, all fully automated using UBot Studio. So, let’s get started!

We’ll start out by dragging the ui console view command. This command will change the UBot browser into a console interface, where we can see the output of our bot’s actions.

Next, we’ll drag the config defi wallet command. This function is used to configure our wallet for use with DeFi protocols. The Private key will be your wallet private key, which you can get from MetaMask.

Now that our wallet is set up, we need to get the two tokens for this liquidity pool. We can do that with the swap tokens command. Our exchange will be “PancakeSwap”. We’ll set Token In ID to “USDC”, and Token Out ID to USDT. For the amount, we’ll put 5.

After every transaction, we want to be sure to log our result, which is stored in the #txinfo variable.

Once we have swapped the tokens, we can add them to the liquidity pool using the add liquidity command. This command allows us to provide liquidity for the exchange, and earn rewards for doing so. We’ll use “PancakeSwap” as our exchange, and set “USDC” as Token A and “USDT” as Token B. We’ll provide 5 of each token to the pool.

And once again we’ll log our result.

For adding liquidity, we get LP tokens that represent our share of the liquidity pool. We can boost our earnings even more by staking those LP tokens in a liquidity farm (or “yield farm”). But first, we need to find a farm to stake our tokens into. So let’s drag over the set command to set a variable. We’ll name it #farm, and for the value, we’ll drag over our $find farm by tokens function.

For our function, we’ll use “PancakeSwap” as our exchange, “USDC” as Token A and “USDT” as Token B.

Finally, we’ll deposit our liquidity into the farm using the deposit to farm command. We’ll use the #farm variable to specify which farm to deposit into, and use the $get liquidity pool balance command to get our current balance of liquidity tokens, so that we can deposit all of them.

And one last time, let’s log our result.

And that’s it! We’ve successfully created a bot that can swap tokens, add liquidity to a pool, and deposit to a farm, all fully automated using UBot Studio. With this powerful tool at our disposal, we can start participating in the world of DeFi and earning rewards for our investments.

Here’s the code:

ui console view
config defi wallet("YOUR_API_KEY")
swap tokens("PancakeSwap","USDC","USDT",5,#txinfo)
log object(#txinfo)
add liquidity("PancakeSwap","USDC","USDT",5,5,#txinfo)
log object(#txinfo)
set(#farm,$find farm by tokens("PancakeSwap","USDC","USDT"),"Local")
deposit to farm(#farm,$get liquidity pool balance("PancakeSwap","USDC","USDT"),#txinfo)
log object(#txinfo)

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