We appreciate everyone’s patience with the updates to UBot. We’ve now implemented a more intelligent system, and once you update to this latest version, all subsequent versions will use the new system. A few things to point out here:

First of all, you will now have the choice of whether or not you want to update. There is a possibility of mandatory update, for instance if there are major security concerns, but 99% of the time, the updates will be entirely voluntary.

When you see an update prompt, it will now give you a message about what is in the new update. This gives you the opportunity to look through exactly what features have changed, to let you make a more qualified decision.

There are now 3 types of updates: STABLE, BETA, and MANDATORY. As I stated previously, the mandatory updates will be used sparingly, and only when there is a major security concern or a fundamental system change. A beta release will be made any time we add or change a feature. While we always test things before releasing them, there are many contexts in which UBot is used and sometimes bugs can slip through the cracks. Beta releases will give our power users a chance to try new features and find bugs while casual users can simply wait for the stable releases. A stable release is, as it sounds, a release that has been tested and (hopefully) has no bugs in any new or changed features.

We hope that this change will take some of the edge off of the frequent releases, while still allowing us to provide an ever-evolving platform for growing the power of UBot. Let us know your opinion!

Published by Seth Turin


  1. Look forward to updates for sure! Feels kinda funny. So many frequent updates and recently there’s been very little.

    I do look forward to improvements though. What updates that have come down the pipe have been very god indeed.

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