Summary to the Quickstart

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Within the Quickstart, we work through a simple bot that even a beginner can handle. Don’t be fooled though, we cover many of the very commonly used commands and I show you some fundamental techniques to create bots that will work flawlessly.


A strong prerequisite for this quickstart is some knowledge of html and css is handy too but not essential.


We will be automating the capture of the search titles in a search. You will learn the following things in this quickstart:


  • where to find commands
  • some of the most commonly used commands
  • how to collect information with a simple user interface
  • how to check that information is being collected in the user interface and act appropiately
  • how to send messages to the user if something goes wrong
  • how to use simple variables and lists
  • ways to collect information from a web page
  • techniques you can use to ensure your bot knows that the web page is what it expects before acting further
  • how to use the browser interface to display results when completed
  • see how we can style the results in a page avoiding potential conflicts with Ubot’s program formatting
  • learn how to optionally saving the information to your local hard drive
  • learn how to use the debugger functionality to test values
  • learn how to select different elements in the browser to capture a broader scope of information
  • see how easy it is to fill in forms and click buttons in a web page


The quickstart is broken into 7 easy to watch videos that show you step by step how to complete this simple but fact filled project. This will work for any version of UBot Studio (standard, professional or developer).


The completed quickstart bot is included for reference.


Videos in the Quickstart Series:

  1. Introduction to the Quickstart – 1:31
  2. Initial planning of a bot project, user interface elements and navigation – 12:09
  3. Introduction to web browser scraping and list commands – 8:32
  4. How to catch errors in automation and correct them – 12:32
  5. Learn how to troubleshoot user input and how to save files – 7:25
  6. How to display results in the browser window – 12:49
  7. Summary to the Quickstart – 4:54