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CraigsList Challange Clicking top to bottom

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I am posting a lot of advertisments to criags list for real estate listing.


I am stuck. On page one when you do a "renew" the entire word underlined "renew" dasappears and allow UBOt to sequence to the next avaialbe "renew" (FYI - for some unknow reason Ubot starts from the the bottom a works its way up.)


Now, I have listing on page two and three, (see attached pic) now I can easily get ubot sequence up to page 2 and three, however Craiglist has thrown us a curve ball. Criagslist only allows top to bottom "renew"als, because Ubot starts at the bottom, UBot is block from renewing the advertisements. (see attached)


HOW do i get ubot to start from the top, find a hyperlined renew and click it?


I have explored the "offstet" but here is the problem. The offset vaires page to page and unless you scrape the html, and somehow pull out the css offset, but that seems to complicated anyone have a






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