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Conditional Logic based on video contents

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I am working on a project where I want to trigger commands based on an item being placed in a certain spot on my table. I have a webcam pointed at the spot and the item that will be placed has a bright solid color that will be easily detected. My biggest challenge right now is making it possible for Ubot Studio to access my webcam video.

I have tried embedding the video on an html page, then navigating to the page in Ubot but the embedded video only shows a grey box and no option to allow. I am using the tutorial here for embedding the video: Accessing Your Webcam in HTML5 | KIRUPA 

Any thoughts on how I can achieve access to my webcam video will be much appreciated. I'm happy to purchase something also or even pay for a solution, just putting it out there that I don't expect something for nothing. 

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards,


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13 hours ago, Varo said:

Have you tried using exbrowser plugin or external browser on ubot 6 ?

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes I have. I've tried using the following code. I receive a prompt to view the camera, but the video never shows:


in external browser("Chrome") {

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