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Aws Naming Convention Keeps Changing

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AWS is keeps changing the file download name each time I download.  Does anyone know how to identify that download name so I can change the name of the random file and move it?


In other words, one download is contactas_;aiksjoiwt'oij.cxv, the second download is contacts_3405t978hjsa093745t.csv   I have now way of identifying that download outside of the most resent download, thus I can not change the name or move it upload it back into Ubot.

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move file("C:\\Users\\glenn\\Downloads\\contact_export_.+?\\.c[a-z]v","C:\\Users\\glenn\\Documents\\Ubot\\Vulcan 7\\All In ONE\\Data\\One download list from Vulcan\\")

what does the . after contact do

Also what does the + do

What does the ? mark do


By the way how do you copy into this field?

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