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First off all, thanks to UbotStudio developers for creating this amazing tool. It helped my family from surviving from very bad financial situation. Im very thankful to Ubot developer team.


Hi guys,

I hope some of you guys are selling your bots on online that requires proxies. And im 100% sure that you all are going through a deep shit with the blacklisted & dead proxies issues. As a result software not work. But till then i figured it out that proxies are 3rd party object. But still clients dont want to understand that if the bot is not working or views drops its because of blacklisted proxies. So, in order to solve this issue i developed this software.





How it works: It classifies your proxy list in 4 types...
  • Dead proxies
  • Blacklisted by Google
  • Fresh proxy (ready to use)
  • Anonymous proxies (you should avoid these proxies from using)


  • As long as it is a free product, it does not consume a license slat. Just download & put any random word inside the license UI Box & start running the bot.
  • You also are welcome to distribute this bot for commercial purpose for your clients. But you must distribute it 100% free. You are not allowed to resell this software without my permission.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[ updated ] Global Blacklisted Proxy Checker And Verifier Software V1.0.5 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Special User-Agent List for blacklisted proxy checker software: https://app.box.com/s/mw3w81nnq13af91kblc4bo16lpxzzsa1
Step by step: How to scrape free proxies and Fresh a proxy list

**** Software info ****
Developed with UbotStudio Developer Edition 6.1.1
OS: Windows 7, windows 10, windows server
Unzip the software using WinRAR:
Download and install WinRAR to unzip the software: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
DOT NET  4.5.2 or Higher: 
Download and install .NET Framework latest: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
Google chrome latest: 
Download and install Google chrome latest: https://www.google.com/chrome/
Software supported %AppData% files download: https://secure.applicenser.com/p/download.html
Bot Troubleshooting #1: 
Kindest Regards
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