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Email Regex Different In Node Vs Code View

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I've done this a million times, now I can't. Just trying to scrape emails.  :P


In an earlier version of Ubot, this regex code worked for scraping emails (NODE VIEW):


But in CODE VIEW I see this:


It's adding more slashes. What's going on? When someone says USE THIS REGEX code, do I paste it NODE or CODE view?


This regex code is supposed to scrape all variations of emails:


It doesn't work for me when I paste it in NODE view. When I paste it in CODE view, it says I have errors on char 65, 67, 71.


What does an email capture regex code look like before I paste it into NODE view, and what will it look like in CODE view?




OK, this works: http://www.rubular.com/r/nidQpOizwC


But that won't get any [at] or {AT} versions. (as in the long one above - anyone have that?)

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The extra slash is an escape character - basically when you paste in node view you don't need to escape anything but when you switch to code view it will automatically escape some characters.


As for your regex maybe try this modification:

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