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Hi guys,
First of all, we have the cheapest rate in the market with recaptcha tokens solution. we have the best offers. we can share with all developers revenue from customers. if you are big developer we have better and the best offers for you. 
On the other hand, we have the best speed in the market and we can go down with our prices, if you would send more than 20k-50k recaptchas daily, we can offer better prices.
Recaptchas price with tokens: $2,50 per 1000 recaptchas!

1. 10% developers fee. 
each developer can get 10% income from all incoming captchas via own software.
2.free directory listing. 
advertisement for your software in our website for only integration!
3. gift codes for testing. 
we are ready to help all developers/webmasters with integration and happy to send new customers  credits for testing.
4. friendly 24hr support. 
if you got some troubles we can help you directly via skype or website, any trouble acceptable.
5. recaptchas with emulation only for $2.50. 
we have most cheaper and stable recaptchas service in the market.
6. normal captchas price only for $1.30. 
all times including peak time, as we have real humans workers and this is the best solution!


for free gift codes reply at the thread and i will pm or mail gift codes.

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