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I have for sale a simple traffic bot. It is nothing fancy but can be used every single day for free traffic to your sites. It will allow you to get free traffic on autopilot every day. A person would normally have to click on links to view someone's website for 6-12 seconds to get points to post there own sites. With my bot it will do the clicking for you.


It will allow you to get many points that you can use to post your own ads with. Also because of getting so many points you can get a 12 second timer and bold title. Your ad will be able to stand out more and therefore get more views. So if you like getting traffic on autopilot then order my bot and use it every day. 


To see a video on how it works click >here<


I am selling this bot for only $5 so that means anyone can afford it. To order it with paypal click =>here!<=


If you want to get this bot for free then private message me and I will send you details on how.


If you have any questions before you order the feel free to let me know.


Thanks for taking a look at my sale thread and have a great day.


I was asked about selling the source code for it so if your wanting both the program and the source code here is the link to order it:

=>Click Here To Order<= 

The program and source I am selling it for only $10 total. If you have any questions let me know. Tomorrow being Saturday the 25th I will be at a amusement park all day so I might not be able to answer any questions until tomorrow night or Sunday morning. Thanks again and have a great day.

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