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Introducing Ocrmycaptcha.com Recaptcha Service!

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reCAPTCHA OCR that works!


85% Correctness Rate*

2 Seconds Response Time

DeCaptcher HTTP API Support



It is the most accurate reCAPTCHA OCR rental service on the market. Need a super fast reCAPTCHA solving solution? You've come to the right place. Over the past few years we have built a system that's capable of cracking reCAPTCHAs within 1-2 seconds. Worried about your CAPTCHAs expiring? Relax, you can use our service whenever. Need CAPTCHA solving for an extended period of time? No problem, we pride ourselves for offering a cost-effective, most accurate reCAPTCHA OCR rental service in the market.



Select Decaptcher on your tool and fill the HOST field with: api.ocrmycaptcha.com

Type your OCRMYCAPTCHA credentials on decaptcher's user & password field and that's it.



We have 2 kind of packages, 24hrs availability packages and 20 days subscription packages. http://ocrmycaptcha.com/#pricing


For additional information please visit our FAQ:


*85% on regular two-word clean reCAPTCHAs. Lower percentage on other non-clean reCAPTCHAs.

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