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Save hours of work! Harvest LOADS of .edu and .gov links for profit or backlink your website(s) too and drive tons of traffic to your site which in turn can convert to sales!!



Introducing the Annobot Link Scrape V2





Gather URL’s from Google in seconds! Gather .edu and .gov forums, websites and blog links to comment on with your website url which in turn will create juicy backlinks, helping you rank on search engines and generate traffic!


Scrape links that are highly relevant to your keyword - Simply enter your keyword, how many pages you want to scrape and select a choice of 10 .edu/.gov footprints which are used to search for links, and in minutes you will have a list of sites to comment on and backlink to!


What Annobot Link Scrape Bot V2 can do:

  • Scrape .edu or .gov forum, Wordpress blogs and website links.
  • Scrape unlimited .edu and .gov links
  • Save links to a text file
  • Delay Scraping

What you can do:

  • Scrape and create a list of .edu and .gov websites to generate backlinks to your site
  • Find new blogs to comment on
  • Create a unique list of .edu and .gov to sell
  • 100% link gathering

Whats Included:

  • Annobot Link Scrape V2 Bot software
  • Easy to follow instructions in pdf


  • Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7), 512 MB of Ram, 5 MB of disk space, and the .NET Framework 4.
  • uBot 4 Studio
  • Knowledge on uBot 4 Studio


PRICE: £15! ($23)

Order Here


Only buy this item if:

  • You have knowledge of using ubot 4 source code as the website it automates may have changed or updated functions,
  • You want to learn how this bot was compiled, 
  • You want to learn/customise/edit the source code
  • You want to recompile after you edit the source code
  • You want to gather links for creating backlinks to your website
  • You want to gather links/websites to comment on


No updates or refunds are avaliable with this version. Annobot Linkscrape and Source code is fully functional at the time of making.

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